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oishmacking's Journal

Objectivish Hedonist Macking Yearly (Oh My!) Report
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Community for rumours, gossip, graphing, and misdirection on who is macking who in the incestuous Objectivish world.

"Oishmacking: Where all fucking is dramatic fucking."
a is booty, a is hot, actualization, ayn rand, being a key node, bi studies, bi-ness, bisexuality, bisexuality studies, booty, breasts, clubbing, common room, common room open bar, dancing, did i mention sex, drama, dramatic fucking, eightsomes, escorting, even more sex, fivesomes, foursomes, fuck buddies, fucking, gossip, group sex, heavy petting, heinlein, heterosexuality, homosexuality, hot bi babes, hot lesbian action, human mating rituals, institute for objectivist studies, key node, key nodism, kyle's hat, long philosophical speeches, macking, many loves, more sex, muttnik principle, n-somes, natural flavors, natural flavours, ninesomes, non-macking during n-somes, nudity, objective sex, objectivism, objectivists, oral sex, orgies, penii, philosophical speeches, polyamory, polyamoury, polygamy, pretty girl theory, rand, rand camp, rape by graven invitation, robert anson heinlein, robert heinlein, rumor, rumour, saying 'booty' many ways, self-evident orgasms, serial monogamy, services, sevensomes, sex, sex methodology, sex qua sex, sex qua speeches, shaking booty many ways, sixsomes, skinny dipping, swapping, switch hitting, the fountainhead, the objectivist center, threesomes, travelling, watching